NCO FIS – First Races and what a start to the season!

The first FIS GS for the team is in the books… and look who nailed a 5th place in the U18 podium? Our very own Sydney Carlan GazsiĀ šŸ’ŖĀ (fromĀ Vorlage Race Club). A fabulous 6th place for NCO alumnus Aidan Marler (fromĀ Club Mont Ste Marie). We were happy to see one of the nicest racers Brianna MacDonald take the W for the women. Congratulations to all the athletes that raced today. Bring on the first FIS slalom race!

First FIS slalomĀ āœ…Ā and Gillian Hamilton fromĀ Camp Fortune Ski ClubĀ is on the U18 podium in her very first FIS slalom race!

Congratulations also to NCO alumnus Britton Quirk for his 8th place finish and our own FĆ©lix Boivin from Club Mont Ste Marie for his 17th place finish.

Congrats to all the athletes! Many thanks Mont-Ɖdouard for some great training and racing!