We are pleased to present the 2021-2022 FIS NCO Ski Team

William Burke

Club: Vorlage

The first time I ever skied was with my dad at the age of two. My favorite ski memory was going to ski camps with my friends. When I’m not skiing. My favorite pastimes are mountain biking and hanging out with friends.

Brands: Fischer Ski


Sara Buzdugan

Club: Mont Cascades

The first time I ever skied I was around 2 years old- I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it until I started racing at 5. (Going fast must’ve been the reason). My favourite memory skiing was making clean arcs at Lake Louise (surrounded by beautiful scenery) with my teammates. In my free time I like being active outdoors (hiking, biking, running, canoeing etc.), as well as in the gym & visual arts.

                                     Brands: Rossignol, Tryangle

Molly Cornish

Club: Mont Ste. Marie

I’ve been going to the ski hill since before I could walk, and skied for the first time when I was two. I wasn’t a big fan of the cold so I used to tuck straight down the hill to get inside. I learned to ski at a few different hills before starting at Mont Ste. Marie, where I’ve been skiing for the past 8 years and started racing in u12. One of my favourite skiing memories is getting to ski in Austria for the first time. When I’m not skiing I enjoy reading, watching tv, thrifting, and hanging out with my friends or my dog. 

Brands: Rossignol  


Oliver Davey

Club: Vorlage

The first time I remember skiing was during a family vacation in Austria. On my return to Canada I started my skiing racing journey in Nancy Greene at the ripe age of 9. My favorite skiing memory would have to be my first ever 360 after many, many failed attempts. If I’m not skiing you will find me training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts or playing rugby for the Barrhaven Scottish.

                                        Brands: Nordica Skis and Boots, Sweet Protection Helmet, Leki Poles.


Luca Fulga

Club: Mont Ste Marie

I was really, really young when my dad put me on skis to see if I liked it. I cried the first time at not even two years-old but since then skiing has become my passion. I started racing at five and  have never looked back. One of my most inspiring ski memories was hiking down the Streif at Kitzbuhel in Austria a couple of years ago and thinking one day I might be on skis right there! When I’m not on the snow or training my hobbies are mountain biking, playing guitar or working on math. 

                                Brands: Volkl. Dalbello. Marker

  Nicola Gilmour
  Club: Mont Ste. Marie

Nicola’s favourite memory from her home ski club, Club MSM, is skiing in the trees and on the  Klotz run on powder days with her teammates. Nicola started skiing at Mont Ste Marie when she was two years old with her parents and her older sister, Julia Gilmour. Nicola comes from a long line of ski racers. Her older sister skied with the NCO, her dad, Sean Gilmour, raced for DLS and in the US, and her grandparents were ski racers and professional water skiers in Quebec. When Nicola is not skiing, you will find her sailing, playing volleyball, waterskiing and spending time with her dog, Kappa.

Brands: Volkl skis, Dalbello boots, Marker bindings, Marker goggles, Sync clothing, Blacksheepskiracing, Sporting Life.

Charlie Graf
Club: Mont Ste. Marie

My dad basically put me on skis as soon as I could walk, so I have been skiing for most of my life. When I am not skiing, I enjoy mountain biking, playing soccer, going to the gym and listening to music.

Brands: Volkl skis, Dalbello boots, Marker bindings.


Mia Grieve

Club: Mont Cascades

When I was two years old my parents took me to Mont Tremblant when I went skiing for the first time. Both my parents are coaches so I skied a lot when I was younger, and I realized I really wanted to race , so I did. And now I am a ski racer. My favourite ski memory would be taking chair lift rides with best friends. When I’m not skiing I will be hanging out with friends, or thrifting, or hanging out with friends and thrifting, reading a book, or watching a show. 

Gillian Hamilton 
Club: Camp Fortune

Gillian Hamilton’s favourite memory from her home club the Camp Fortune Ski Club is spending time with friends. Gill started skiing with her family as a fun activity that they could do together.  Her parents did not plan for her to become a competitive ski racer, but it became clear to them after Nancy Greene, that skiing was Gill’s passion and something that she wanted to pursue.  When Gill’s not racing, you will find her doing CrossFit and lifting weights – she’s one strong athlete!  Gill’s favourite saying is “Donkey’s sink in quick sand, but mules don’t”. Her advice to all athletes and racers is to have fun.

Brands: Skis: Rossignol, Boots: Rossignol, Poles: Leki, Helmet: POC, Clothing: Sync & Blacksheepracing, Everything: Sporting Life. 

Tomi Hazy

Club: Camp Fortune

I began skiing with my dad at Pakenham when I was two years old. At the age of five, my parents put me into the racing program at Camp Fortune with the goal of quickly learning how to ski well so that they could resume family ski trips to the big mountains. Their goal was quickly achieved, but it was clear that I loved this amazing sport so much that I would stay with it! My favourite skiing memories are our yearly family ski trips out west. I love the feeling of floating on top of fresh powder snow on big mountains like Kicking Horse, Whistler, Lake Louise, and Revelstoke. When I’m not skiing, you’ll find me mountain biking, kayaking, or spending time in the mountains with family and friends!

Brands: Rossi, Leki, Sweet Protection, Sync

Cédric Nadeau
Club: Mont Cascades

Cédric a commencé à skier, car il ne voulait plus jouer du violon. À l’époque, il avait demandé à ses parents de pratiquer le bobsleigh. Comme sa famille ne voulait pas déménager à Calgary, ses parents lui ont proposé d’essayer le ski alpin. C’est donc sur les pentes de la station de ski Mont Cascades que tout a commencé. Son légendaire entraîneur Vernon von Finckenstein lui a donné le goût de s’entraîner pour améliorer ses habiletés motrices et sa coordination. Grâce aux efforts constants de Cédric et de précieux conseils de Vernon, Cédric a monté à quelques reprises les marches du podium. Les meilleurs souvenirs de ce skieur sont le ski libre entre amis et les camps de ski.Par curiosité, Cédric a participé à un camp d’une semaine chez AcrobatX – Centre Acrobatique Yves Laroche. D’abord, il a appris les techniques de base pour descendre la rampe d’eau. Ensuite, il a appris les manœuvres qui lui ont permis de réussir un flip avant et un flip arrière. Certes, il préfère de loin le ski alpin. L’été, il aime “surfer” et faire de la “wakeboard” au chalet. L’hiver, il adore faire du ski hors-piste. De plus, il aime jouer aux jeux vidéo, mais ce qu’il préfère le plus, c’est rire avec ses amis. Cédric skie sur des skis Völkl. Il chausse des bottes Dalbello et il utilise des pôles Leki.Son objectif cette année est d’avoir du plaisir avec sa nouvelle équipe et de bien skier en compétition.


Andreea Nicolici

Club: Camp Fortune

   Dariana Ocica

    Club: Camp Fortune Ski Club

I began ski racing when I was around 8 years old at Camp Fortune. My favourite skiing memory would be going to British Columbia with my friends to train. When I’m not skiing, I like to read, run and play volleyball. 

Brands:  I am skiing on Fisher skis this year.


Angus Somers
Club: Mont Ste Marie

I started skiing at MSM with my family when I was 18 months old. My favourite skiing memory is the U16 Super-G Art Tommy race run that I won at my home hill on DC. When I am not skiing, I like to mountain bike at VELOMSM. 

Brands: Marker, Volkl Dalbello


Ned Rogers

Club: Vorlage

My first time skiing was at Vorlage when I was four and I started racing in u12. My favourite ski memory is night training during the week with friends.  When I am not skiing, I enjoy cycling, football and being outside. 

Brands: Head



Emma Von Finkenstein

Club: Mont Cascades

I first started skiing when I was two years old, and skiied in my first race when I was five. My best ski memory is making trails in the woods with me and my friends. When I’m not skiing my pass times are hanging out with friends and shoppping.

Brands: Volkl skis, Marker Bindings, Dalbello boots.


Ryan Wagner

Club: Mont Ste Marie

I began skiing at Mont Ste Marie when I was three years old. My favourite skiing memory is attending an Alpine Quebec training camp in Hintertux, and going to watch the Soelden World Cup race on our day off. When I’m not skiing my hobbies include mountain biking and wake surfing .

Brands: Marker, Volkl, Dalbello

     Kyle Waldrum

     Club: Camp Fortune Ski Club

I began skiing at the age of 3. My dad is a ski coach and raced when he was younger so he would bring me to the hills with him when I was a kid. The summer before my first u16 season I got to go out to Whistler for a 4 day camp with my cousin. I really enjoyed both the travel and skiing aspect of the camp. Hobbies when not skiing: I enjoy playing soccer, going out for runs and working out.  

                                        Brands: Dynastar/Lange