We are pleased to present the 2019-2020 FIS NCO Ski Team


The FIS Team

Felix Boivin                                                                             Club: Mont Ste. Marie

Felix «Pooh» Boivin a fait ses débuts en ski au Mont Ste Marie.  Le Club MSM etait pour lui comme une famille et il en garde un excellent souvenir.  Pooh a skié à peu près toute sa vie, il était debout sur sa première paire de skis à tout juste un an!  Il a été inspiré par tous ses frères aînés qui skiaient déjà.Quand Pooh ne skie pas, vous le trouverez en train d’aider ses frères  avec le groupe de musique Double Magnum. Le conseil de Pooh est de continuer jusqu’à ce que vous soyez satisfait du travail que vous avez fait, alors vous serez vraiment heureux.
Marques: Skis: Rossignol, Fixations: Look Bindings, Bottes: Lange, 
Pôles: LEKI, Casque: POC, Gants: LeVeL, Vêtements: SYNC Performance & @blacksheepskiracing, Tout: Sporting Life. Emoji préféré: 🚜

Sydney Carlan-Gaszi
Club: Vorlage

Sydney Carlan Gazsi started ski when she was 5 years old.  Her parents wanted her to try all sorts of different sports when she was younger.  With Vorlage being so close to her home, she tried ski racing. She started in ski lessons and then went into the Nancy Greene program with the Vorlage Racing Club.  Sydney really loved it, so she kept on ski racing. One of Sydney’s favourite memories from when she raced at Vorlage was when the team would have snowball fights with the lifties.  After it snowed or when the snow was sticky enough, the team would always start a snowball fight with them after training. The lifties at Vorlage were always super nice and friendly to the race team, and one would even bring his dog to the hill some days.  When Sydney’s not ski racing, you will find her baking.  She likes to try new recipes that her friends and family can try.  She bakes cookies, muffins, cakes, cinnamon buns, and more! Sydney’s also enjoys watching her brother play hockey and going on hikes with her dog. Sydney’s most important goal is to have a positive and fun season. Her equipment  sponsors are: Skis & boots: Rossignol, Helmet & goggles: POC, Poles: Leki, Clothing: The amazing clothing from Sync and Black sheep racing,  Everything: Sporting Life. Favourite emoji 🤷🏽‍♀️

Ben Cook
Club: Vorlage

Ben Cook’s favourite memory from his home club the Vorlage Racing Team is moving from Nancy Greene to competitive racing.  Ben starting skiing at Ski Vorlage at 3 years old.  He began racing in the Nancy Greene program at 7 years old. When Ben’s not skiing, you will find him reading, mountain biking, road biking and playing video games.  Ben’s favourite saying is “No matter what you do, you can’t change others, you can only change yourself”.  His equipment sponsors are: Skis: Dynastar, Boots: Lange,  Poles: Leki & Kerma, Helmet: POC, Clothing: Sync & Blacksheepracing, Everything: Sporting Life. Favourite Emoji: 🤙.


Gillian Hamilton
Club: Camp Fortune

Gillian Hamilton’s favourite memory from her home club the Camp Fortune Ski Club is spending time with friends. Gill started skiing with her family as a fun activity that they could do together.  Her parents did not plan for her to become a competitive ski racer, but it became clear to them after Nancy Greene, that skiing was Gill’s passion and something that she wanted to pursue.  When Gill’s not racing, you will find her doing CrossFit and lifting weights – she’s one strong athlete!  Gill’s favourite saying is “Donkey’s sink in quick sand, but mules don’t”. Her advice to all athletes and racers is to have fun. Equipment Sponsors: Skis: Rossignol, Boots: Rossignol, Poles: Leki, Helmet: POC, Clothing: Sync & Blacksheepracing, Everything: Sporting Life. Favourite Emoji: 🤪.

Keirsten Harvey
Club: Camp Fortune

Keirsten Harvey started skiing at Attitash in New Hampshire at the age of 6 and then began racing with the Nancy Greene program at Camp Fortune Ski Club later that year. Keirsten‘ s family wasn’t a ski family, until she started racing.  Her parents, however, have embraced ski racing and can be seen volunteering in the region and beyond.  Her dad Jeff Harvey is a level 4 race official and her mom Kelly is a stalwart member of the regional volunteer community.Keirsten enjoys going to her gym, CrossFit Hintonburg, very often where she enjoys weightlifting and striving for all around fitness. Keirsten‘s advice is never give up, no matter what adversities you face and you don’t need talent to succeed. Keirsten’ s favourite quotes: “Hard work pays off” – Mathew Fraser. “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky. “Dreams are made possible if you try” – Terry Fox. Keirsten‘ s goals for this year are to lower her points, but mainly to give her all in every race and ski to the best of her ability. Equipment Sponsors: skis – Rossignol, Helmet – poc, Goggles – Dragon Alliance, Poles – Leki,  Clothing – Sync Blacksheepracing, Everything – Sporting Life. Favourite emoji: 🖖 because I want to live long and prosper.



Mykael Hébert
Club: Edelweiss

Mykael est de l’équipe du Club de course Edelweiss. Son souvenir préféré de son club d’origine est le jour où l’entrainement a été remplacé par un jour de ski de poudreuse car il adore skier sur la poudreuse! Mykael a commencé à skier à l’âge de 1,5 ans !! Lorsque son père, le formidable entraîneur local Mathieu Hébert, a vu qu’il aimait le ski, il a inscrit Mykael dans le programme de course à partir de 6 ans. Le père de Mykael l’a entraîné à partir dès cet âge. Lorsque Mykael ne skie pas, vous le trouverez sur un trampoline ou un terrain de soccer. Dicton préféré: J’ai faim! Objectif pour cette année: faire le flip :top 30. Équipement: skis – Dynastar, bâtons – Leki, casque de slalom – Bliz, casque GS – POC, bottes – Lange – montés par Chris Powers à Sporting Life, Gants: Level. Emoji préféré: 🍑

Noah Kasdorf

Club: Camp Fortune

Noah Kasdorf started skiing at Camp Fortune at the age of 8.  His favourite memory from Camp Fortune Ski Club is putting on his twin tips and skiing in the Camp Fortune terrain park after training with his friends.  When Noah’s not skiing, you will find him surfing and mountain biking in British Columbia. Noah’s advice is to never stop working at something until you lose heart for what it is you are working at. Equipment Sponsors: Skis & bindings: Atomic, Boots: Atomic, Helmets: Sweet Protection, Poles: Komperdell, Gloves & mitts: Hestra,  Clothing: Sync Blacksheepracing, Everything: Sporting Life. Favourite emoji  😤.

Rhode Quirk
Club: Camp Fortune

Rhode Quirk started skiing at Mont Tremblant when he was 4 years old, chasing his brother, Britton Quirk (now on the Ontario Ski Team), down the ski hill.  Rhode started racing when he was 6 years old. When Rhode is not skiing, you will find him fishing, playing basketball, biking, working out, gaming and up for a round of paintball. Rhode’s favourite saying is “Nothin’ but a peanut,” by Ronnie Coleman. Rhode’s advice is to have fun and don’t give up! Equipment Sponsors: Skis & boots: Rossignol, Bindings: Look, Helmets: Dainese Uvex, Poles: Leki, Clothing: Sync Blacksheepracing, Everything: Sporting Life. Favourite emoji 😏.

Julian Royz
Club: Mont Ste. Marie

Julian Royz started skiing when he was 4 years old.  He started racing at 7 years old in at Mont Ste Marie.  He is the first ski racer in his family, although we hear that his brother Noah, who works at Sporting Life is a wicked Snow Boarder.  His best memory from his time with Club Mont Ste Marie, was winning the Art Tommy Memorial cup in 2018. When Julian’s not ski racing, you will find him windsurfing, wake surfing, water skiing, mountain biking and strength training at the Canadian Strength Institute. Julian’s favourite saying is “When in doubt, tuck it out.” His advice is to have fun and work hard. Equipment Sponsors: Skis: Rossignol, Bindings: Look, Poles: Leki, Swix, Komperdell, Boots: Rossignol, Lange, Helmet: Sweet Protection, Goggles: Oakley, Gloves: Level, Leki, Gate Protection: Slytech, Clothing: Sync Blacksheepracing, Everything: Sporting Life. Favourite emoji: 😜.

Kaiden Villeneuve

Club: Camp Fortune

Kaiden Villeneuve started ski racing at the Camp Fortune Ski Club.  His favourite memory from CFSC is participating in the club-wide Skimeister and doing demos at the end of the season. Kaiden started skiing at Camp Fortune when he was 3 years old.  His brother, Kobe, also ski races and is currently on the Ontario Ski Team.  Kaiden’s parents ski recreationally, so he and his brother are the first racers in the family. When Kaiden isn’t skiing, he enjoys going to exercise every day at The Fitness Lab in Manotick.  Kaiden’s goals for this year are to improve his consistency in training and racing and to be gross! Equipment Sponsors: Skis & Bindings: Atomic, Helmets & Protective Gear: Shred, Poles: Swix & Komperdell, Clothing: Sync & Blacksheepracing, Everything; Sporting Life. Favourite Emoji 🤥.